- If you have non-subsidized student loans, contact us to discuss settling these accounts.

  We work on a case by case basis.

Churchill Credit Solutions offers you:

- Guaranteed quality customer support.

- Dedicated attorneys who will work to protect you during the process.

- New York City's finest debt settlement arbitration team serving nationwide

- Proven success.

CCS is a certified member of the International Associate of Professional Debt Arbitrators. 

-Our team of financial professionals committed to the ethical and result driven resolution of your debt will guide you throughout the entire debt arbitration process. The debt settlement program designed specifically for your situation is a win-win situation for both you and the credit companies. Your creditors win because they save money by eliminating the cost of collections, and in some cases a total loss if bankruptcy is declared. You win because you can begin living with a clean slate without the bank’s financial pressures, annoying phone calls, and the burden of paying off your debt for decades while incurring outrageous interest rate charges.